Saturday, May 16, 2009

I suck at this...

Wow, I have really sucked at updating this blog!! Kyndie is doing great!! She is into absolutely everything!! She says just about everything! Lately she has been talking about her doll Daisy and wawa (water). She says don't a lot and no. She says Pwease, I love to hear her say that!! She loves to go and look at our bulls. I think that she is a genius and I'm not just being biased. She knows the letters E, I, and O. She can point them out and does it often. She can say D, Y, K, N, but doesn't recognize them yet. She knows the number 3 and 1. She knows the colors, red, pink, blue, orange, and yellow and she tries to say her ABC's. I think she understands EVERYTHING that I say as a grown up would or an older child and she responds to it in the correct way. She makes me laugh on a daily basis, she is growing up sooo fast!! Here are some pictures that I am way late on gettting on here.
Playing in a water puddle

Looking at her Rabbit

Kyndie with Uncle Rantz
I have other pictures that I will have to post later because my computer is being really slow! That is all I have for yall at this moment. Hopefull I can remember to update more often now that she is older and doing more and more things that are fun.

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Twinmommy2boys said...

First I'm coming over there to steal her right now. Love the boots and the dress stinkin cute.

Second I think you should change your font to white or something. I had a hard time seeing the words, and no I'm not blind!